Celebrate Your Furry Friends With This Bouncing Paper Bunny Craft

Weave paper to make a spring!

There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy, hopping rabbit. And we’re going to make our own bouncing bunnies out of paper — all you need to do is fold!

For those of you who live with a rabbit, you may already know what a “binky” is. If you’ve never heard of a binky before, it’s a sudden high jump and twist rabbits do, seemingly out of nowhere. Why do rabbits binky? Domestic rabbits binky out of sheer joy! If your pet bunny binkies, he may be excited, in a playful mood or just happy to see you!

Even when bunnies aren’t binkying, they’re definitely still hopping — it’s just how their bodies are built! Rabbits’ back legs are much more powerful than their forelegs, which helps them escape potential predators. They can sometimes hop up to 50 miles per hour in short bursts of time!

For this craft, we’ll be making binkying bunnies out of construction paper, so even if you don’t have a pet rabbit, you can still experience the binky!

Click here to download your bunny template:

Have fun with your new hoppy bunnies, and don’t forget to make extras to share with your friends!

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