Make Animal Valentines Just Using Heart Shapes

Each one will be made with love.

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and that means it’s time to stock up on Valentines to give to your friends, family and classmates! Although you could run to the store and buy pre-made Valentines, making your own is always more special. These animal Valentines are made using just three simple heart shapes and they’re so cute that they’ll be your friends’ favorite Valentine they receive this year.

Once you master the art of cutting out hearts (with an adult’s help, of course!), then there’s no stopping you from making a whole bunch of these fun animal Valentine’s Day cards using different combinations of pink, purple, red and white paper. Or, if you have fun Valentine’s Day-themed scrapbook paper on hand, then you can make your animals patterned, too!

You can even get creative with patterned scissors to give your hearts scalloped edges — this might make your animals look like they have fur!

We’ll show you how to make three animals out of your heart shapes, but using your creativity, you may be able to think of even more animals you can make just using hearts! Let your imagination run wild.

Making these animal Valentines for your loved ones is an awesome way to show them that you care and brighten their day.

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