Make A Spider Web Mobile For Halloween Using Popsicle Sticks And Yarn

And learn why spiders are linked to Halloween.

With Halloween creeping closer and closer, you’ll likely see more spider decorations in stores and around your neighborhood. Following this easy tutorial, you can make your own Halloween spider decoration using Popsicle sticks, paint and white yarn!

But why are spiders linked to Halloween in the first place?

Back in medieval times, people believed that spiders used magic to spin their intricate webs. Because of that, they became linked to witches and other magical myths. Spiders also begin spinning their detailed webs in the fall, which is why they’re now connected to Halloween.

And you won’t see a scary old house without spider webs in every corner! They make every spooky setting a little bit spookier!

Though spiders are rarely something to be afraid of, there are a handful of poisonous spiders out there. The common spiders you see in your home are only there to stay warm and dry, and be a quiet roommate.

Here’s how to make your own spider webs to decorate for Halloween:

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