Show Your Love With These Print-And-Color Animal Valentines

Easy and sweet!

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, we celebrate those we love by gifting chocolates, flowers and, of course, valentines!

If you have yet to prepare valentines for your friends and family this year, then you’re in luck. The Dodo has created four awesome valentine designs for you to print out, color and give away to those you care for. And you probably already have all the supplies needed to make these valentines great.

Perfect for fellow animal lovers and punny people alike, these valentines will put a smile on your friends’ faces — especially when they see you’ve added your own special touch by coloring each one yourself!

You can print and color a bunch for your entire class or give one to each of your closest friends. Pair these valentines with chocolate or candy and you’ll definitely win the award for “sweetest” friend!

Rather than grabbing any old valentines off the store shelves, make your Valentine’s Day more special with The Dodo’s print-and-color animal valentines. Grab your favorite coloring supplies, print out as many as you’ll need, and try your best to stay within the lines. Or, heck — go abstract! No matter how you choose to decorate, your loved ones will adore the thought and time you put into these animal valentines.