These Cute Owls Are Made With Pinecones From Your Yard

This easy craft only takes a few minutes to make!

Can you feel the chill in the air? Fall is finally here! Let’s celebrate the season by making adorable little owls out of pinecones you can find around your yard or at the park.

In late fall, around October, you may notice that owls in your area become more vocal — especially great horned owls. It’s during this time of year that male great horned owls set up their territories and begin courting their mates (who they’ll mate with for life!).

Once the mates pair up, they’ll begin looking for a good nest and by January they’ll be preparing the nest and laying their eggs, which will hatch in the spring.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own owl out of pinecones:

You can even make these pinecone owls completely from natural materials, too! Instead of felt or construction paper, make your owl’s wings from leaves and his beak from maple seeds! Or use small pebbles for your owl’s eyes and pine needles for his fluffy feathers or feet!

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