Put On A Show With These Paper Plate Puppets

A great way to reuse non-recyclable paper plates.

Even though paper plates are made of paper, which can go in the recycling bin, paper plates themselves are not recyclable once they’ve been used. So instead of tossing your used paper plates in the garbage, turn them into something fun, like paper plate animal puppets!

Because paper plates come in contact with food waste and grease, they’re unable to be “cleaned” during the recycling process and must be thrown away in the trash. So, it’s best to not use paper plates in the first place to keep as much waste as possible out of landfills.

But, if you already have paper plates in the house, then you can make sure they’re being used to their fullest potential by putting on a show for friends and family with an entire cast of paper plate puppets — from bunnies to dogs and frogs!

Make sure your paper plates are only lightly used before you turn them into puppets. Too much grease will be a bit too icky to work with (and might cause your puppets to smell funny after they’re made).

Here’s what you’ll need to make this Earth Day craft and turn your old paper plates into something great.