Save Your Page With These Origami Dog Bookmarks

Taking a break from a good book won't be so bad!

Now that you’ve started reading chapter books, you know the struggle of having to peel yourself away from a good story to eat dinner or do homework. Though you’re probably used to folding the corner of your page to save your place, using a bookmark like these origami dog bookmarks is less damaging to the book and makes reading a lot more fun!

These origami bookmarks are so easy to make once you get the hang of folding your paper into the right shape. Just make sure you’re starting out with a square piece of paper to save yourself a headache. (You can turn any rectangular paper into a square by folding a bottom corner of the paper to meet the top edge. Trim any excess paper that remains off to the side and unfold the diagonal crease to reveal a square.)

In fact, these bookmarks are a great beginner project for anyone who is interested in trying out origami. They only require eight folds and are endlessly customizable. That means you can make a dog bookmark for yourself, a cat for your best friend, a rabbit for your school librarian, or a mouse for your favorite teacher.

Once you have a handful of fun origami dog bookmarks, having to take a break from reading a good book won’t be so bad.