Make Your Summer More Colorful With These Ocean Creature Coffee Filter Suncatchers

We gave you a template, but feel free to get creative!

The sun is shining and school is finally out! You now have more than enough time to tackle all those craft ideas you’ve been wanting to do. Add this coffee filter suncatcher to your list of projects and put a bit of extra color in your summer vacation!

For this craft, we’ve provided a few sea creature silhouette templates you can use to complete the project. However, we also encourage you to get creative once you get the hang of how to make these suncatchers! Using black construction paper, you can make any sea creature silhouette (a black shadow of a figure) you can think of — jellyfish, dolphins, sea turtles, eels or even crabs would all be fun undersea creatures to make!

Placing a suncatcher in every window of your house will brighten up each and every room with summery colors — so put your thinking cap on and activate your watercolors! Then give some away to friends and family so they can do the same!
Ready to get crafting? Here’s what you’ll need to get started making this super-easy coffee filter suncatcher.

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