This Newspaper Elephant Even Has Wrinkly Skin

Use flour and water to get that wrinkly texture!

There are a few things that make elephants super unique: their ears, their trunks and their wrinkly skin. You can actually make your very own elephant — wrinkly skin included! — by using a few materials you already have at home, including newspaper, flour and water.

You’re probably wondering why elephants have such wrinkled skin in the first place. Though elephants can live to be up to 70 years old, their wrinkles aren’t caused by old age! Elephants have wrinkly skin at every stage of life, even when they’re born. And these wrinkles play an important role in keeping elephants healthy.

Their deeply wrinkled skin actually helps elephants store water, which allows them to stay cool. And these guys definitely need to keep cool in the dry, hot African and Asian climates they live in. Their wrinkles can store up to 10 times more water than smooth skin!

And elephant skin isn’t just wrinkly — it’s super thick, too. In most places on his body, an elephant’s skin measures about 2.5 centimeters thick. So it’s very protective against the sun and other environmental factors.

Now that you know how much an elephant relies on his skin to stay cool and happy, you can do this fun and easy craft to recreate his wrinkles! Here’s what you’ll need to make your elephant and his wrinkly skin.

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