How To Make Holiday Dog Treat Stocking Stuffers

They're so yummy Santa will be jealous 🎅🦌

Picking out the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones can be tough. But when it comes to your dog, the surest way to her heart is through her stomach.

Your pup will love anything you get her this Christmas — whether it’s a toy or a coat to keep her warm. But a present always means more when you make it yourself.

So this year, why not stuff your pup’s stocking with holiday cookies baked just for her? (Just be sure to hang it out of her reach.) These dog treats are not only tasty, they’re healthy too! By using pumpkin — a favorite fall flavor — these treats are full of ​vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals.

To make these treats even more delicious for your pup, we add a little peanut butter. The fat and salt in peanut butter make dogs go crazy for it. But before you add any old peanut butter to these treats, it's important to check the label. Some types of peanut butter contain a deadly ingredient for dogs — a natural sweetener called xylitol. As long as your peanut butter doesn’t have this ingredient, you can use any you have around, but we recommend a natural and organic brand.

These five-ingredient dog cookies are super easy to make and are a great special treat for your pup on Christmas morning. So here’s everything you’ll need to start baking the perfect present for your pet:

DIY dog treats
Make your own dog treats

Once the treats are nice and cool, feel free to sneak your pup a snack that she's sure to love!