Use Your Old Highlighters And Bubble Wrap To Make Fish Prints

Such a fun printing technique!

Now that school has come to an end for another year, you’re probably looking for ways to reuse or recycle your old school supplies. Before you toss your highlighters or put them away for next year, make this fun fish print craft that uses bubble wrap and highlighter ink to create fish scale patterns!

Did you know that some fish have scales that are actually as neon as your highlighters? These types of deep-sea fish are able to absorb light into their skin and then use that light to give off a neon green, orange or red glow.

Fish who glow are called “biofluorescent” fish, and scientists have found that at least 180 fish species are able to emit a neon glow that looks just like your school highlighters!

To make your own species of biofluorescent fish at home, all you need are the highlighters from your pencil box and a piece of bubble wrap. This craft uses a really interesting printing technique that is easy to do and completely customizable!

So, let’s dive into the world of highlighter-colored fish and start printing! Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

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