You Can't Resist Hanging Out With These Handprint Sloths

They're made with tracings of your hand!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, which animal would you like to see the most? Many of us would probably choose sloths because they’re just so adorable!

With this fun travel-themed craft, you don’t have to book a flight — we’re bringing the sloth to you!
Sloths are best known for being incredibly calm and slow, and for spending up to 90 percent of their day hanging out in trees. They’ve evolved in a way that allows them to spend most of their time upside down. Sloths can even turn their heads 270 degrees so they don’t have to move the rest of their bodies in order to get a good look at their surroundings!

These cuddly-looking creatures have been around for thousands of years. Ancient sloths were actually about as big as modern-day elephants! These days, sloths only grow as big as medium-sized dogs. Phew!

And because sloths’ faces have evolved in such a way to make it look like they’re always smiling, people often consider sloths to be some of the friendliest animals on Earth — and they are! But wild sloths prefer that humans stay away so that they can eat their leaves in peace and get their beauty rest.

If you love sloths as much as we do, then you’ll love making your very own sloth friend using construction paper, glue and a tracing of your hand! Here’s what else you’ll need to get started.

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