These Jellyfish Are Made Using School Glue And Salt

Art and science combined!

If you have a bottle of glue left over from your last semester of school, don’t toss it just yet! Instead, get crafty and create these super colorful jellyfish with salt and, you guessed it, glue!

This project is something both your art teacher and science teacher would appreciate! Not only are you making a beautiful work of art, but you’re also experimenting with the absorption powers of salt when it's introduced to water. The salt will wick away your watercolor paints to create a really groovy tie-dye effect that will make you want to keep experimenting!

There are so many colorful types of jellyfish for you to take inspiration from for this project. Lion’s mane jellyfish, for example, are shades of bright oranges and deep reds. Moon jellyfish are glowing purples and blues. And there’s even a jellyfish called the fried egg jellyfish who actually looks just like a fried egg!

So find your favorite jellyfish online, gather together your supplies and get crafting. This project will make you want to add salt to every watercolor project just to see what happens!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on this school-glue-and-salt jellyfish craft.

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