Create A Fall Woodland Wonderland Using Construction Paper And Glue

Filled with flora and fauna!

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the trees change colors in autumn. And to think that woodland animals get to live in all that beauty … we’re jealous! To celebrate the start of fall, you can create a cute woodsy scene using construction paper, scissors, glue and our easy-to-trace templates complete with both flora (trees and other plants) and fauna (animals)!

Toward the end of the fall is when animals like bears, frogs, chipmunks, mice and bats begin their hibernation period. Hibernation is a period of rest during which some animals are able to slow down their metabolism — the body system that turns food we eat into energy — and take a nice, long nap through the entire winter season.

Some animals go underground to hibernate, whereas others hibernate in cozy dens. And to prepare for hibernation, animals must eat a lot to put on enough fat to keep them warm and healthy through their rest. During late summer and early fall, you’ll probably see a lot of animals collecting acorns and seeds to get ready for their slumber.

To make a fall woodland scene ahead of hibernation, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Download your templates here and get ready to craft!

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