Make The Cutest Turtles Out Of Recycled Egg Cartons

You can craft an entire family of them!

What’s green, fuzzy and made out of a recycled egg carton? These cute DIY egg carton turtles you can make to celebrate Earth Day on April 22!

Every year, we celebrate Earth Day to remind us of the importance of protecting our environment and the animals within it. And this Earth Day, you can challenge yourself and your friends to take your recycling game to the next level by turning an empty egg carton into a family of little turtles.

This craft is perfect for spring because it just so happens to be the time of year when you start seeing turtles again after their months-long winter hibernation!

In late spring and early summer, mother turtles begin scouting for the perfect spot on the beach to lay their eggs. When they find the ideal place, mother turtles will dig a hole, lay their eggs and then cover them up with dirt and sand so their babies stay safe and protected. After two to three months, baby turtles will hatch from their eggs and crawl out of the ground to start their journey to the water — and their future home.

You can make an entire family of turtles using just one egg carton, or make a bunch to give away to friends and family. Here’s what you’ll need to get going on this Earth Day craft project.