This Magical Narwhal Crayon Resist Craft Is Just As Cool As Narwhals Themselves

Unicorns are real — they just live underwater!

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you — unicorns are real! They actually just live in the ocean and go by the name “narwhal!”

Narwhals, also called “unicorns of the sea,” are interesting-looking creatures who live in the arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. That twisted “horn” on their heads is actually a super-long tooth (similar to an elephant’s tusk) and contains over 10 million nerve endings! Adult male narwhals mostly all have at least one tusk (if not two), and females rarely have tusks at all.

As they age, narwhals actually change color. Newborn narwhals are often blue-gray, teenage narwhals are blue-black and adult narwhals are spotted gray. Old narwhals are almost completely white!

Just like whales, narwhals are sea mammals who spend most of their time in water but actually breathe air. They’re able to dive down to 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, and they live mostly under thick layers of sea ice. They come up about every 20 minutes to exhale through their blowholes and inhale fresh air.

And, honestly, not a lot more is known about narwhals — also like unicorns, they’re kind of mysterious creatures!

To celebrate the coolness and majesty of the narwhal, check out this fun and interesting craft that uses crayon resist (a drawing done in crayon and painted over in watercolor) to reveal magical patterns that were once invisible!