There’s Nothing Sweeter Than This Cereal Box Fawn DIY

Spring has sprung!

You know it’s springtime when you spot baby deer — called fawns — playing with each other and their mothers in your backyard. Fawns are brown, just like grown-up deer, but they are usually covered in white spots and sometimes have white fur on their bellies and throats.

For this craft, you’ll be using cardboard cereal boxes to make your own fawns to celebrate spring and the new life that comes with the season! And it’s a great way to recycle old boxes into something that will give you joy for months to come.

Fawns are usually born between late April and July, and a mother deer can give birth to either one or two fawns at a time. When they’re first born, mothers hide their fawns in tall grasses or underbrush so they stay safe and protected while she grazes. She returns to nurse them every few hours and move them to new hiding places.

Many times, people who happen across these hiding fawns think that they have been abandoned. But usually, a fawn’s mother is really close by, which is why it’s important to leave a fawn be so that his mother can find him again!

If a mother deer and her fawn have moved into your backyard, keep an eye out for when the fawn is allowed playtime. He’ll run, kick, jump and have the best time! There’s nothing cuter than watching a fawn play, and when there are two fawns, it’s an even more adorable sight!

Have fun making this craft, and keep watch for fawns as soon as the weather warms up.