Give Your BFFs Butterfly Friendship Rings To Wear All Summer Long

All you need are pipe cleaners and scissors!

When school lets out at the end of the year, you may be saying goodbye to some friends for the entire summer. Sleepaway camps and summertime travel plans might keep you apart until school starts back up in the fall. But with these cute and fluffy pipe cleaner butterfly friendship rings, you can remember each other all summer long!

These friendship rings are so easy to make — all you need are pipe cleaners and scissors! And you can customize each ring to your friends’ favorite colors or make enough rings that your friends can wear a different one every day of the week!

Butterflies come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors, and a simple Google search for butterfly species will give you so much inspiration before you start creating. From orange-and-black monarchs to twilight-colored blue metalmarks to bright green malachites, there are so many gorgeous butterflies to base your friendship rings on.

So grab a bag of pipe cleaners and a good pair of scissors and make a bunch of butterfly rings before the last day of school. You and your friends won’t want to take them off until next fall!

Here’s how to make friendship butterfly rings:

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