Cover Your Fridge With These Bottle Cap Ladybug Magnets

Cute and useful!

Ask everyone you know to start saving their bottle caps ahead of Earth Day this year. These little metal stoppers can live a fun second life as bottle cap ladybug magnets you’ll want to keep forever!

Did you know that metal bottle caps often don’t make it to the final stages of the recycling plant?Because they’re so small, bottle caps often fall through the cracks during sorting — literally! — and end up on the floor (and eventually in a landfill). So to celebrate Earth Day, let’s keep bottle caps out of landfills and turn them into super sweet ladybugs for your fridge.

Ladybugs are coming out of hibernation now that the weather is warming up. They can’t fly when the temperature is below 55 degrees, so they wait out the cold season under logs, leaves and even in houses. Once they come out of hibernation, ladybugs live up to a year, and a female ladybug can lay more than 1,000 eggs in her lifetime!

So feel free to make as many ladybug magnets as you can! They can all be brothers and sisters!
Start collecting metal bottle caps from friends and family. And when your stash is big enough, here’s what you’ll need to turn them into bottle cap ladybug magnets.