Use Real Autumn Leaves To Make These Adorable Hedgehogs

Head outside to get started!

Which animal is absolutely adorable but not someone you’d want to cuddle with? A hedgehog!

Hedgehogs are cute little mammals with soft bellies and spiky quills all over their backs. And today we’ll be making our own hedgehogs using autumn leaves you can find in your backyard!

Hedgehogs have evolved in incredible ways to keep themselves safe from other animals. Not only are they covered in pokey spikes, made out of the same stuff as our fingernails, but they can curl into a ball so they have 360-degree protection. Hedgehogs are also immune to certain poisonous plants, which means they can eat these plants and make their saliva dangerous. They then use this poisonous spit to cover their quills to give predators an excellent reason to stay away. Talk about small but mighty!

We’re going to be recreating hedgehog quills using fall leaves you can find in your backyard or at the park. Pick the most beautiful ones you can find so that your hedgehog can stay protected and look gorgeous at the same time!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Download your hedgehog here: