Make 3D Cat Silhouettes Out Of Rolled Up Construction Paper Scraps

Learn a brand new art technique!

With school being almost out, it’s time to go through your school supplies and salvage some things for summer craft projects. And finally, all those pieces of scrap construction paper from a year’s worth of projects and crafts are going to come in handy!

This fun DIY uses rolled-up scraps of colored paper to make 3D cat designs — and although that may sound complicated, it’s actually so easy!

This 3D craft project is based on an art technique called “quilling.” Quilling is when an artist rolls and shapes strips of paper and arranges the coils in different ways to create an image. The art form supposedly dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and serious quillers have an entire kit of tools and rolling techniques they can use to create their finished products.

But we’re sticking to the basics for our project! Using strips of scrap construction paper rolled into pretty spirals, we’ll be making cat silhouettes (silhouettes are the dark shapes and outlines of something set against a lighter background!).

Quilling is not only fun, but easy to learn how to do, too! Here’s what you’ll need to get started making your adorable 3D paper-scrap cats!

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