It pays to have friends, especially ones with such big hearts.

Last weekend, the Montez family got a call they had long given up hope of ever receiving. Their dog, Corky, who'd gone missing in 2009, had been found and rescued nearly 7 years later. He was brought to the Humane Society of North Texas after being picked up as a stray wandering along a busy street. Thanks to a microchip, rescuers were able to track down his rightful owners.

"We were in shock when we got the news," Corky's owner, Jimmy Montez, told The Dodo. "We just couldn't believe it."

Corky with the Montez family in 2009Kim Montez

Naturally, the Montez family hurried to the shelter to reunite with their missing pet β€” and that's when they discovered that, despite being lost, Corky hadn't been alone. Another little dog had been rescued along with him, a one-eyed pup named Captain. On the streets, they'd been each other's only friend in the world.

"Our hearts just melted. The minute we were told they were found together and were pair bonded, we knew they had to stay together," Montez said. "It was a no-brainer."

So, rather than take just one dog home that day, they took two.

Humane Society of North Texas

Corky has been back with his family for less than a week now, but it's already clear that things wouldn't be complete without Captain there, too.

"They're as thick as thieves. Wherever Captain goes, Corky is right there with him," Montez said. "I think Corky had been helping him out on the streets because he's missing an eye. He always lets him eat first and they always nap together. Corky looks after him."

Corky and Captain with the Montez family todayKim Montez

If Corky hadn't been microchipped all those years earlier, it's likely that he never would have reconnected with the family who missed him so dearly. But in this case, the fact that he had been changed two lives forever.

"In our eyes, it's truly a miracle that we were able to reunite with him," said Montez. "And we're honored and proud to be able to give Captain a home, too. Their little tails haven't stopped wagging."