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Family Rescues Little Hummingbird From Wad Of Chewing Gum

Many people don't think twice before they spit their gum out on the ground. They likely don't consider that the sticky substance can easily become an entanglement for some of nature's smaller creatures.

When one family found a hummingbird stuck in a wad of gum, they knew the little guy needed rescuing. The bird was trying in earnest to flap his wings and escape the sticky gum, but to no avail.

The family took the task of rescuing the little bird upon themselves. The process had to start with extricating him from the gum, a feat which was trickier than it sounds.

Finally, he was detached from the gum and could be pulled off the ground.

However, there was still a considerable amount of sticky residue which needed to be removed before he could flap his wings.

Finally, after being freed from the gummy entanglements, the little hummingbird went flying merrily on his way.

Hummingbirds have extremely high metabolisms due to the intense amount of energy it takes for them to flap their wings so rapidly. Because of this, they are almost constantly feeding in order to survive. If a hummingbird is found injured or stuck, they need to be given assistance as soon as possible, as the hummingbird could burn through the calories they need to survive while they are incapacitated.

You can watch the full rescue below, complete with an adorable three-year-old's commentary:


And remember to always throw your gum in the trash!