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Pig Who Saved Himself From Farm Fire Has The Most Beautiful Eyes

Now he's safe — and just made the cutest new friends.

When a major industrial farm caught fire, almost all the pigs were stuck in constricting gestation crates - but Odie was small enough to slip through the bars, which is just what he did.

Pigs in gestation crates at a factory farm in Virginia | Wikipedia Commons

Only one other pig survived that day when the factory farm in Missouri went up in flames. Hundreds of others died.

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

This was years ago - the summer of 2012. And while Odie still shows the scars from the terrible burns he suffered as he escaped the flaming building, the day his mother and siblings died seems to remain a dim memory.

"He is such a happy boy and loves people," Evan Costner, director of digital media at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary in South Carolina, told The Dodo. "Odie's favorite thing in the world is a good belly rub!"

A rescuer brought Odie to the sanctuary, where he's been pampered ever since.

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

And soon enough, Odie was joined by some friends.

At Cotton Branch, Odie met his best friend, Charlotte, who came to the sanctuary from a hoarder in Louisiana.

Then along came Freddie, another friend. He was seized by the police because he was being used as bait for hunting dogs.

Now the whole gang of rescued pigs is living the good life. It almost makes up for what they went through.

"Every person who meets Odie comments on his eyes," Costner said. "They are piercing, and they look into your soul, and reveal a part of his."

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