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Extremely Rare Sighting Of 60 Sperm Whales Shocks Humans

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Even "Moby Dick's" grizzled Captain Ahab would be stunned. More than 60 sperm whales were spotted in an extremely rare sighting off California's coast by a group of whale watchers in early October.

The great sperm whale is a rare sight. Listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, there may be as few as 750 sperm whales who call the Pacific coast home year-round, which makes this sight all the more remarkable:

(YouTube/Dolphin Safari)

"I've never seen anything like this in my life and only once before have I ever seen a single sperm whale off Dana Point," says David Anderson, the whale watch vessel captain who took the footage, in the video's description. "They were stretched out over almost two miles, diving down, and then new whales surfacing nearby."

Marine biologist Kera Mathes tells local California news radio station KPCC that the whales are likely chasing large squid, who are in turn following krill blooms in the ocean off of Southern California. Solitary whales occasionally frequent the area, but mothers with calves - as seen in the video below - are rare.

(YouTube/Dolphin Safari)

"We have had lots of smaller squid feeding on krill, so I'm a little excited that hopefully that's brought some of the larger squid," she says, "and that's why we're seeing the sperm whales."