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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: The Night Endangered Species Took Over The United Nations

<p>Louie Psihoyos</p>

Crowds descended on the United Nations Headquarters in New York City last Saturday night for a groundbreaking event that splayed projections of endangered species across 30-story buildings.

The event, led by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital and co-sponsored by The Dodo, featured an 11-minute projection show to raise awareness of climate change and its impact on endangered species ahead of this week's Climate Summit. Below is an exclusive first look at the event that left hundreds of onlookers in awe:

The night also spotlighted "Racing Extinction," an upcoming documentary which will draw additional attention to the issue.

"This is just the beginning of events like this," Shawn Heinrichs, a cinematographer and diver featured in the film, told The Dodo. "This is a chain reaction that we hope will be lighting up around the world."

Heinrichs added that the film is a call to action, not a reason to despair.

"The hope is that people take the message and amplify it instead of us having to shove it down their throats," he said.

"This is the only time in history that we can really influence eternity going forward," the film's director and OPS founder Louie Psihoyos told The Dodo ahead of the event.

"Our generation must illuminate and take action around truth for the sake of future generations," Obscura CCO and founder Travis Threlkel declared in a press statement.