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Everyone Should Enjoy Summer As Much As These Bouncy Corgi Puppies

<p>Flickr: Daniel Stockman</p>

In this recent video from The Pet Collective, ridiculously cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies have a summer romp in the yard -- and couldn't be more stoked about it.

It takes a certain amount of zeal and fervor to get this excited for summer playtime. Corgis have a herding instinct, so it's understandable that these puppies just want to chase each other around.

Plus there's all the fun stuff to see! There are so many flowerbeds to explore, rocks to hop on, leaves to sniff...

Basically, these sassy pups are the kings of summer, and want everyone to take a leaf out of their book and enjoy some of that sweet summer sunshine.

... Just don't try to climb on one of their rocks, they hate it when you do that.

Watch the full video from The Pet Collective below: