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You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching Until She's Eaten Every Last Bite

This is required viewing for anyone suffering from the blues, melon-phobia or miscellaneous existential pangs.

It is, in fact, the very opposite of suffering. And you should feel free to watch it again and again. And again.

Facebook / Esther the Wonder Pig

Facebook / Esther the Wonder Pig

In a short, mesmerizingly sweet clip posted to Esther the Wonder Pig's Facebook page, a rather large pig savors every delicious dollop of her dinner.

And who is this entrancing animal? This pig who dines so elegantly, her undulating rhythms drawing the tidiest arc from bowl to fork to mouth?

Why it's no other than Esther the Wonder Pig, a certified Canadian icon.

Facebook / Esther the Wonder Pig

Of course, she wasn't always such a, err, portly, pig. The couple who adopted her, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, thought they had adopted a "teacup" pig back in the day. Today, she's pushing 700 pounds.

It's important to note that there's no such thing as a "teacup" pig, and that Esther was lucky to have such a wonderful family to stick with her, even after she wasn't a tiny thing anymore.

But then again, who could say no to this face?