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Everyone Wanted Enzo When He Looked Like This

When he was young, Enzo was the life of the shelter.

A cross-eared charmer with a penchant for spectacular displays of goofiness, everyone wanted to take him home.

And they did. Enzo had a not-quite-forever home when he was still a puppy. But it didn't work out. He had to go back to shelter life after a temporary respite.

Trouble is, time is never kind to a dog at a shelter. Enzo, while still disarmingly sweet, is no longer a tiny bundle of pant-tugging terror.

Everyone loved him while he was small and cute, although he never found his lasting home. Now, he's older and still at the shelter.

He weighs around 100 pounds, still stunning and as goofy as ever.

But his bone's packed and he's been eagerly waiting to get picked up for a while now. Calls inquiring about Enzo don't come as often anymore.

At a year and 9 months old, he's got so much more to give.

Don't let those muscles fool you. Enzo turns to mush under a love assault.

If you think you can give Enzo the kind of home he so richly deserves, visit the website for Second Chance Rescue NYC or the group's Facebook page.