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15 Enormous Dogs Who Are Actually Just Big Babies

These pups know that being big doesn't mean you don't need some babying every now and then ...

1. "I'm light as a feather! ... I'm pretty sure."

2. "What do you mean, I'm NOT a lap dog?"

3. "I'm just gonna stay here until that vacuum goes away ... "

4. "Maybe you should consider getting a bigger bed. You take up a lot of room, Human."

5. "I don't feel secure unless I'm seated on your lap ... well, half of me, anyway."

6. "Sorry, I ... I thought I saw a mouse."

7. "I have to sit here if we're gonna watch a scary movie."

8. "It's okay, Human ... I think the evil thunder is gone now."

9. "Bath time?? Save me, Human!"

Reddit: JoeSicbo

10. "Vet?! Where?! ... Oh, you said 'pet'. Nevermind."

11. " ... I had another nightmare about Cruella Deville."

12. "I can't sleep by myself - I'm afraid of the dark!"

13. "Just hold me until the storm is over!"

14. "Sometimes I get scared and I just need a hug."

15. "I sit on my human because she protects me."

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