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Enormous Dog Gets A Little Overzealous With His Affections

Sully the St. Bernard sure missed his dad while he was off at work. Sully knows that the best way to show someone you missed them is by giving them a great big hug. Preferably one they can't easily escape from.

Sorry, Dad, you can't get up yet. This loving embrace needs to last for at least an hour!

Sully takes the opportunity to throw some smooches into the affectionate mix.

St. Bernards are known for a patient and benevolent temperament, so so it's no wonder that Sully is such a gentle giant (albeit a persistent one!).

Based on some of his old home videos, Sully has always been a sweet and playful pup - although he sure has grown!:

You can watch the entirety of the welcome-home snuggles below:

(YouTube: mallemay s)