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Bouncy Emu Plays Fetch Just Like A Puppy

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV8d19DRQXM">YouTube/DailyPicksAndFlicks</a><span></span></p>

Move over dogs - this adorable emu proves that giant birds can also be man's best friend.

Mimi the emu loves playing fetch with her family ... just like a puppy! As soon as her little human throws the ball, she goes racing off after it.

YouTube/DailyPicksAndFlicks | YouTube/DailyPicksAndFlicks

She doesn't exactly have the fetching part down though - as soon as she gets to the ball, she just sort of dances around it. But tell us this isn't the most adorable happy dance you've ever seen!

YouTube/DailyPicksAndFlicks | YouTube/DailyPicksAndFlicks

At least she keeps her family smiling. Watch the whole video below: