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14 Empty Nesters Who Might Love The Dog More Than Their Children

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1. "After I moved out of the house, our dog was the only child left for my parents. This is what I saw on my newsfeed today."

2. "My mom adopted a Bernese Mountain Dog, Lady, to fill her empty nest when I left for college. She claims that Lady has 'people eyes.'"

3. "To cope with their empty nest syndrome after having raised 7 kids, my parents adopted this cutie."

4. "Mom got a new puppy. Something to fill her empty nest."

5. "My mom's answer to fighting the 'empty nest.'"

6. "A month ago today I moved out of my parents. I'm the last of 4. This is how they're coping with the empty nest."

7. "My mom is suffering from empty nest syndrome and just sent me this picture of the dog."

8. "My older sister found this guy abandoned in a parking lot right before I left for college. He filled my moms empty nest perfectly!"

9. "My mother's cure for empty nest syndrome."

10. "To fight her new empty nest syndrome, my mom got a new puppy. Meet Jasmine, my replacement."

11. "Henry, my parent's replacement son since I left for college."

12. "I moved out and my parents replaced me with this guy."

13. "My mom got a puppy after all the kids moved out."

14. "My brother and I both moved out of my mom's house this year. She replaced us with these furballs."