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Emotional Support Duck Loves His First Airplane Trip

His name is Daniel.

It's not uncommon for emotional support dogs to take trips on airplanes with their owners - an emotional support duck, however, is a different story.

A group of travelers boarding a flight were shocked (and delighted) when they discovered one of their fellow passengers would be a duck named Daniel, flying out of Charlotte, North Carolina, with his mom. He was in a baby stroller.

Daniel boarded the flight with ease and didn't seem nervous at all, and quickly bonded with everyone around him.

He was even wearing special little red shoes to protect his feet. After all, everyone needs a special traveling outfit, right?

Daniel was a perfect passenger during the flight, and his favorite part was staring out the window, with dreams of flying no doubt dancing around in his head.

Flying can be a stressful process for some, but we're sure everyone on that plane couldn't have been happier to be there to witness Daniel's very first, and very successful, flight.