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Emaciated Puppy Forces Pet Store To Change Its Ways

One woman who visited a Kansas pet store came across a sight that truly shocked her.

At her local Pet Paradise, Mary Beth Johnston found an emaciated boxer puppy waiting for someone to take him home, KSHB reported - and in this case rescue him.

There was nothing healthy looking about the poor puppy, named Rally. Johnston, who works with Pawsitive Tails, a group that helps find dogs homes, knew she had to do something. His ribs were very clearly showing, and she knew the situation was not good. Johnston ended up paying the expenses to obtain Rally, with the help of Pawsitive Tails, and adopted him herself after the sweet little guy won over her heart.

After adopting him, Johnston realized that Rally is actually completely deaf, which is often the result of bad breeding, and makes sense for Rally's past.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture investigated the Pet Paradise and found that the claim about Rally's health had merit, and so they did something about it - Pet Paradise now has to adhere to new guidelines that ensure all animals being taken in get any medical attention they may need.

While the new guidelines are a step in the right direction, most pet stores still get their puppies from puppy mills, where dogs are bred in excess repeatedly for commercial purposes. The life of a dog in a puppy mill is a terrible one. To help end puppy mills, always adopt from shelters or rescues instead of supporting pet stores.

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