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Emaciated, Trembling Pit Bulls Are Finally Learning To Play

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Three starving pitties are safe now, and finally getting the care they need, all because a neighbor did the right thing and called to report animal abuse.

Jessamine County Animal Control investigated a home in Nicholasville, Kentucky, after a concerned local called to report a starving dog chained to a fence. When officers arrived, they found three emaciated pit bulls in desperate need of help.

The dogs, two of whom are only a year old, were immediately taken into custody by animal control. Frank Ruggiero, the Animal Care and Control shelter manager, told local outlet WKYT that he will "ask the county attorney to charge the owner with second-degree animal cruelty."

In the meantime, though, the three starving dogs are getting the care they need.

The dogs carry the telltale signs of extreme neglect - not only are they skinny, hungry and infested with parasites, they're also terrified and spend much of their time trembling, with their tails tucked between their legs.

But they're slowly learning that not all humans are scary, and not all leashes are chains. Ruggiero hopes that soon they'll be ready for nurturing foster homes and then, eventually, loving forever families.


These three dogs would never have gotten their second chances if it weren't for the concerned neighbor who called to report the animal abuse she saw. These dogs needed someone to be their voice, and they got it. Now, for the first time in their lives, they have full bellies and warm beds and night.

If you suspect animal abuse, don't hesitate to report is. Find out how here.

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