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Elephants Come Running When They Hear Their Favorite Person Calling

Elephants know a good person when they see one. But for this happy herd of pachyderms, one man holds a place in their hearts above all others.

His name is Derek.

As a staffer at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Derek has forged an uncanny bond with the sanctuary's namesake residents - particularly with a young calf named Kham La. All he has to do is call out her name and she comes running, bringing with her other elephants who are clearly head-over-heels for Derek, too.

It's pretty incredible.

We've witnessed Derek and Kham La's heartwarming ritual before (actually, twice). Still, we can't imagine growing tired of seeing their shared affection play out so sweetly.

To learn more about Kham La, and the sanctuary's other animals, visit Elephant Nature Park online.