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These 5 Tree-Climbing Elephants Prove Anything Is Possible

<p><a class="checked-link" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KK4_1cffIk">Keith Rogers/YouTube</a></p>

The tree-dotted savannas provide a diverse jungle-gym for elephants to wander, forage for food and, yes, even try to climb trees. Elephants need physical diversity in their environment, and obstacles like fruits hanging high in trees or felled trees to climb over provide the perfect kind.

Here are five pachyderms who courageously take on nature's hurdles, attempting to conquer trees with all the grace a five-ton mammal can muster.

1. "This isn't so hard..."

(Keith Rogers/YouTube)

2. "Sweet victory!"


3. "I'm in the tree! I can see the entire savanna from up here."


4. "Everyone on the ground looks like tiny ants from this high up."


5. "Some climbing is easier than others."


And sometimes, when climbing doesn't work, an elephant has to do what an elephant has to do: