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Elephant Defies Person Who Shot Her — By Getting Up Again

Kulling, an elephant who was shot four times by people herding livestock in Kenya last week, refused to succumb to such cruelty.

With the help of Mathew Mutinda, a veterinarian with the nonprofit organization Save the Elephants, Kulling has a chance to overcome her injuries. The 29-year-old elephant was discovered with two bullet wounds in her right ear, one in her shoulder and one in her trunk.

"Kulling, the elephant shot four times by herders in Northern Kenya this week, appears to be doing better today!" the organization posted to Facebook on Monday. "She seems to be moving better on her damaged front leg, even managing a short charge at the team who went to check up on her."

Conflict between elephants and people is an ongoing problem. In 2013, Kenya overhauled its laws to try to protect the animals from human aggression.

And African elephants, who are being killed faster than they are being born, need all the help they can get.

As one Facebook commenter astutely put it: "I wish I could save every single one from the abuse and poaching at the hands of the cruelest, greediest, and most ignorant of humanity. We must try every day to push back, to give these magnificent and brilliant elephants a real chance of survival for future generations."

We couldn't agree more.