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Helpless Baby Elephant Completely Transformed By Love

People working in ruby mines in Kenya back in 2005 heard a sound like a cry one morning as they were taking their early morning tea.

They tracked the noise to a tiny baby elephant, just 6 weeks old, who had fallen helplessly into a ruby mine.

Rescuers named him Zurura, the Swahili word for "wanderer."

He was discovered weak and helpless a decade ago. Today, thanks to the care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Kenya, Zurura is all grown up into a self-sufficient and handsome elephant.

After his successful rehabilitation he lives in the wild.

But even though he's gained his independence, Zurura still has a soft spot for the people who helped him grow up: Occasionally, he comes to visit the kind people at the orphanage.

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