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Elephant Waves Her Trunk Through The Air As She Rides To Freedom

If freedom has a scent, Yai Bua is savoring it with every breath.

After a lifetime of exploitation at a tourist camp, the dear old elephant is at long last learning what it means to be at peace.

This week, Yai Bua was rescued by a group of volunteers from the Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for pachyderms in Thailand.

After her release from the camp was secured, Yai Bua was ushered aboard a transport vehicle that would deliver her to a new life among other freed elephants at the sanctuary.

And off they went.

The good folks who accompanied Yai Bua on the long road trip to the sanctuary did a wonderful job documenting the journey on Facebook.

But perhaps the most touching moment of all was this clip, showing the rescued elephant extending her trunk to take in the free air.

Clearly, it's something she couldn't get enough of.

We're happy to report that the rescue party made it safely to the sanctuary.

"Yai Bua arrives home, never again to be subjected to her former employment nor to the unnatural condition of transport on a truck," wrote volunteer Darrick Thomson. "Welcome home beautiful!"

While this marks the start of a new life for one elephant who suffered so long for human entertainment, sadly that's something others like her can only dream of.

To keep track of Yai Bua's progress, and to learn more about the sanctuary, follow Elephant Nature Park on Facebook.

Help facilitate more rescues like this one by donating to the Save Elephant Foundation.