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The Stunning Moment She Breaks Free From Her Chains

For too long, DiPor has lived like this, chained up for humans to use her whenever they like.

She can peer into the forest, but she can't break free and run into its lush vegetation.

Sometimes, when the sun is positioned just right, she can stand in partial shade.

At 50 years old, she's too tired to work anymore, and she suffers from an injury to her leg. She's not much use to the people who have kept her chained up.

So they've decided to let her go.

And it's the best thing that's ever happened to her.

"The truck is being prepared with treats for her to eat, supports to stop her from moving around too much, a soft mat for comfort and to avoid slipping on the steel floor and a blanket to keep her warm into the cold night," Save Elephant Foundation posted to Facebook on Wednesday, as they readied to bring DiPor to Thailand's Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for elephants just like her.

Thursday morning, she arrived.

"DiPor arrived to her new home this morning," Lek Chailert, of Elephant Nature Park, wrote on Facebook.

"She seems quite confident and walked right out to the field to see what there might be to eat."

DiPor wasted no time in moving freely around the expansive fields of the sanctuary and introducing herself to the other elephants.

Then she started munching on the fresh food.

Yes, this is the beginning of a whole new life for DiPor.

At long last.