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Elephant Keeps Breaking Sprinkler So She Can Play In The Water

Faa Sai the rescued elephant loves her new life. She lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and has one thing that she loves to do above all else - and that's break the sprinkler system.

Facebook/Elephant Nature Park

That's right. Faa Sai discovered long ago that when the sprinklers are working correctly, they're not nearly as fun - but when they're broken, it's like a fantastic water park.

And so Faa Sai keeps breaking the sprinklers ...

Facebook/Elephant Nature Park

... and no one really wants to stop her, because it makes her SO unbelievably happy.

Facebook/Elephant Nature Park

Occasionally she tries to fix it again - by sitting on it ...

Facebook/Elephant Nature Park

... but ultimately, she loves playing in the broken spray, and wouldn't have it any other way. This is Faa Sai's second chance at life, and she's living it EXACTLY the way she wants.

Check out the full video of Faa Sai's water adventure below:

To help support Faa Sai and other rescued elephants like her, you can make a donation here.