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Edith, the Emotional Support Dog, Caught Up in BSL Fight

I want to share with you the story of Edith. She belongs to a little girl who has Asperger's Syndrome and she is a certified Therapy/Emotional Support dog. Edith's family has followed all the guidelines of the ADA to protect her as a therapy dog. The city of Jacksonville AR. seized her, illegally, due to BSL!

This single Mom and her three children are living in Jacksonville, AR because they fled from an abusive domestic situation. They were assured by the Fair Housing Authority that Edith was exempt from the Breed Ban because of her certification. However, the city attorney took it upon himself to not only confiscate Edith, but then, turned around and gave Edith to a rescue group in another city before the family had a chance to go to court. They would not tell the family where Edith was, just that she was "gone".

The city ignored the letter from the child's physician stating that Edith was a support dog and essential in the child's development and all around well being. They ignored the Americans with Disabilities Act. They ignored the Fair Housing Authority.

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Edith and her family by the Lancaster Law Firm in Little Rock, AR. The city attorney, Robert Bamburg of Jacksonville AR. and the city of Jacksonville thinks they are above the law! The family is not giving up! Please share her story and donate if you can. Please see Edith's page for updates and a new fundraiser that is more user friendly. In the meantime you can donate to saveedithfrombsl@gmail.com.

You can also sign a petition to STOP Breed Specific Legislation in Arkansas by clicking on this link: https://www.change.org/p/arkansas-state-house-stop-breed-specific-legislation-in-arkansas?recruiter=141676915&utm;_source=share_petition&utm;_medium=facebook&utm;_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm;_term=des-lg-share_petition-no_msg&fb;_ref=Default