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Pig Decides To Help Out His Rescuers The Best Way He Can

He just loves pitching in to do his part.

Maxwell T. Pig, who was rescued by Australian farm sanctuary Edgar's Mission last June, has proven himself to be one eager boar. But a recent video shared on Facebook by the organization shows just how eager Max is to get down and dirty with some hard work.

When Julian Bain, a farmhand coordinator at Edgar's Mission, comes around to sweep up, Max is at first curious ...

Facebook/Edgar's Mission

... then he approaches Bain with a game plan in mind.

Facebook/Edgar's Mission

That plan, of course, is to simply do the raking himself.

Facebook/Edgar's Mission

Although Max might not be as effective as Bain at cleaning up, it's the thought that counts.

However, this isn't Max's first time tangoing with the likes of a rake. Surprisingly enough, he's found many other creative uses for the cleaning tool - like a dependable sleeping buddy.

Facebook/Edgar's Mission

Check out his other interesting ideas below: