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There's No Better Blanket Than A Friend's Floppy Ear

It's getting to be that season again, when chilly winds blow and colder weather nears.

But if you wish to stay cozy, I have a tip for you then: Bring along a pal with some big floppy ears.

Ears, of course, come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny and round, to big and pointy as a spear.

But just so you know and there are no surprises, the floppier the better for our purposes here.

When you're stuck inside because of rain, sleet or snow, you could sit around waiting for the sun to appear.

If you've got a floppy-eared friend by your side though, you might wish it was that way all through the year.

Sure, you might say "floppy ears will only get in the way," but before you complain let me be clear:

On the cold autumn night or freezing winter day, these particular appendages can do far more than hear.

Sweaters, gloves and beanies can be so much to juggle, and keeping warm by a fire just feels too austere.

What works best is having a blanket to snuggle, and there's no better blanket than a friend's floppy ear.