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Eagle Puts A Complete Stop To Morning Traffic

It was the only way she could get the help she needed.

One eagle became a showstopper yesterday morning, unintentionally bringing together a cavalry of emergency workers, police officers and a wildlife rehabilitator.

The female eagle | Clearwater Police Department

Police and firefighters arrived on the scene to respond to a female eagle sitting in the middle of a major roadway near a mall in Clearwater, Florida.

Clearwater Police Department

As it turns out, the eagle had been hit by a car while trying to feed off a dead animal.

Clearwater Police Department

Left with an injured wing, the bird was unable to fly, leaving her stranded on the road until help arrived.

Clearwater Police Department

After traffic was stopped, the eagle was picked up and taken to Busch Gardens, a theme park which also features a zoo, for treatment.

Clearwater Police Department
Clearwater Police Department

When the eagle is strong and healthy enough once more, she'll be released back into the same area where she was found.

A recent photo of the eagle shared on Facebook by the Clearwater Police Department (CPD) showed the eagle sporting a stylish wing sling.

"She looks much better here than she does stranded in the middle of Countryside Boulevard," CPD wrote on Facebook.

Clearwater Police Department

"She's very lucky," said Kris Porter, the licensed wildlife rehabilitator who sent a worker to assist with the bird's rescue said in a quote on CPD's Facebook page.

Watch this video clip from the bird's rescue: