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Duck Thinks She's A Dog — Just Like Her 5 Siblings

She's not scared of anyone — except cats.

<p>Nicole Davis</p>

Tuna the duck was rescued from a feedlot, where she would have become food if she hadn't been adopted. She loves her new family so much and has become just one of the gang.

Even though all of her siblings are dogs.

Nicole Davis

Tuna has five dog siblings, and they all love her like she's no different from them - and Tuna has no idea she's any different, either.

"Everyone acts like Tuna is just another dog," Nicole Davis, Tuna's mom, told The Dodo. " She loves to sit in your lap or watch you do yard work. Dogs do not scare her but cats do."

Nicole Davis

Tuna is 6 months old, and her siblings range in age from 2 to 12. Even though she's the baby, she totally doesn't act like it, and loves to boss her older siblings around.

Tuna loves to play in the yard with her siblings ...

Nicole Davis

... go swimming with them ...

Nicole Davis

... and, of course, steal their beds.

Nicole Davis

Tuna may be a duck in a group of dogs, but none of them treat her any differently.

You can follow this adorable family's adventures on their Instagram account.

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