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Stunning Aerial Footage Shows Humpbacks Making A Splash

<p><a class="checked-link" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y2bX70RwSA">Paul Dolk/YouTube</a></p>

Breaching humpback whales are perhaps one of the most incredible sights in the animal kingdom. What could be more spectacular than a 50-ton behemoth spiraling out of the sea? As it turns out, drone footage of that 50-foot behemoth is in fact more spectacular.

Nature photographer Paul Dolk captured just that:

(Paul Dolk/YouTube)

There are several theories as to why whales breach out of the water like this. One theory is that it provides a way for whales to communicate with one another, while another says that it's a great way to slough off skin parasites. Still another posits that, like humans, whales simply like the feeling of jumping around sometimes.

(Paul Dolk/YouTube)

Humpbacks breach relatively often, and have even been observed teaching their calves to breach. But, as we are constantly reminded, this isn't the only trick the humpback is capable of.

(Paul Dolk/YouTube)

See the entire stunning aerial show below: