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Drivers Jump From Their Cars To Save Dogs Sprinting Down Freeway

No one would have blamed them for not stopping to help - but they did, and two dogs are alive today because of it.

In a remarkable effort to save the animals, who were spotted running down the middle of a busy freeway on Saturday near Azuza, California, several motorists leapt from their cars and into action. Footage from the scene captures the high-stakes drama, as the spontaneous heroes put their own lives on the line to carry the animals to safety.

"They were just on the freeway, don't know how they got there," one of the rescuers, Rochelle Vargas, told NBC Los Angeles. "I just had to stop and save them."

The two exhausted dogs were given water and taken to a local animal shelter. It is as yet unclear whether they have an owner, or if they were abandoned. We will update this post when that information becomes available.